Royal Pacific Industry Helps Children in Indonesia

Our thanks go to Royal Pacific Industry for sending us this article and telling us about the great things they’re doing.

The smile looks wider and brighter for elementary students in Sukajadi village, as you can see on the attached pictures.

This year, Royal Pacific Industry (RPI) brought free school supplies including writing books, pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, backpacks, pencil cases, in total of 1000 pieces. To supplement the students’ nutrition, RPI distributed free 500 packs of 200ml fresh milk.

The journey to bring the school supplies and fresh milk was not as easy as ordering from 800-delivery. It started by driving 12 hours from Medan to Takengon Aceh on November 11th. Our charity team managed to take turns in driving. As we know, coffee, again, works a good source and easy way to fuel up our energy. For many overseas drivers, the 12 hours driving to Takengon might be a great challenge. No road lights, narrow road and sharp turns can be considered for the next “Amazing Race” task. And for us, local drivers, this 12 hours driving was a regular trip to visit our farmer friends in Sukajadi village.

As soon as we arrived at the pit stop, city of Takengon, we stayed at our regular hotel. It is not a fancy hotel, but decent to stay. We enjoyed again the local foods and drinks. And we got chance to visit some of our friends that holds in governmental positions. Then we just took the rest of the day (Nov 12th) to regain our strength.

November 13th, 2010, we left Takengon to Sukajadi at sunrise. It took only about an hour driving to reach the destination, Sukajadi Elementary school. According to the records, there are 300 students in the school. On that day, the school was open as normal. The teachers delivered education to the rest of the students. However, due to continuous raining during past days, some of the students got to stay home to assist their parents. Many of the students also did not come to school because they were not able to wear the dry and clean school uniforms.

Since we have informed the Principal, Mr. Karim, about this event, couple teachers have already prepared the room and tables already before we arrived. The event started with a meeting with teachers, students and the students’ parents (mostly are our coffee farmers.) The village leaders also attended the event. We explained them about the theme of this year event. We really appreciate all hard works from our coffee farmers. With the strong efforts from rests of the company, we maximized the value of their hard works. And with this year event, we have turned it into school supplies and additional nutrition.

Around 11 AM, the students lined up to receive the packages. Many of them opened and wear the school bags immediately the moment they received the packages. We also saved some packages for those students that are unable to come to the event. It was a joyful time, and great feeling to see the happy faces from the students and their parents. A group of kids told us that this was their first time to try the fresh-milk packs that we just distributed. The school bags, pencil cases and fresh-milk packs are still considered luxury items in that village.

Even though we did not bring much on this year event, but we used this event as a pilot project for much bigger scale, at other living sectors, and at other locations. We know that the school supplies will assist in improving education of the students. And additional nutrition will assist as additional nutrition for the students, or at least widen the smile of the students in Sukajadi Elementary School.

Royal Pacific Industry, Inc.
Aceh, Indonesia 2010