illy Does Madison Avenue

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the official start of the holiday shopping season! There’s a chance that if you started your holiday shopping spree in New York City you saw the famed Barney’s New York display window decorated with something a little unexpected. Standing picturesquely and looking out at passing shoppers is the figure of Miss illy. The display is a gorgeous composition of 300 three-kilo illy tins, 250 foil bags (former home to illy’s single-serve iperEspresso capsules) and 250 8.8-oz. illy cans. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Barneys New York Creative Director Simon Doonan unveils Miss Illy to the world at the “Have a Foodie Holiday” window display opening night event – credit Alexander Porter/BFA

SCAA member, illy, has been a key player in bringing the world of coffee and art together. They’ve worked with artists such as Jeff Koons, Marina Abramovic, Julian Schnabel, the late Robert Rauschenberg , and James Rosenquist to create a brand that is both delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally conscious.

Barney’s creative director, Simon Doonan, describes Miss illy saying:

“Think of Miss Illy as the ultimate exercise in creative recycling. One look, and you see she’s quite the contemporary gal, so her recycled content goes right along with her modernity. Her very idea and life quite literally sprang from others before her. So while this is great fun, with art, with coffee, we are serious about the multi-use message, about sustainability, as has been illy, long before it came into fashion.”

Miss illy is the centerpiece to Barney’s “Have a Foodie Holiday” and will be on display in Barney’s flagship store window throughout the holiday season. For those jonesing for a coffee fix amid their holiday shop-a-thons, stop by the 9th floor of Barney’s for complimentary illy espresso and cappuccino prepared by skilled baristas.

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