Attend the South West Regional Skill Building Workshop!!

The SCAA is proud to present our South West Regional Skill Building Workshop at our very own coffee lab in Long Beach, California. We’re inviting everyone to come and learn about the art and science of specialty coffee from our distinguished master presenters. We’ll all going to be there and we hope you will be, too.
It’s still not too late to register for the upcoming South West Regional Skill Building Workshop which takes place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of next week. Registration is open up until the days of the event so don’t worry about missing your chance! The classes are still open and our presenters are excited to share all their information with you.

SCAA South West Regional Skill Building Workshop
September 23-25, 2010

SCAA Coffee Lab
330 Golden Shore, Suite 50
Long Beach, CA 90802

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-Those pursuing RG Certification, aspiring roasters, graders, cuppers
-Experienced baristas wishing to offer the BGA Level 1 test in their areas
-Experienced baristas wishing to complete requirements for L1 Certification
-Retailers who wish to have their employees complete requirements for BGA L1 Certification

Thursday, September 23 8:30am – 5pm
Friday, September 24 9am – 3pm
Saturday, September 25 9am – 4pm

CP103 Introduction to Customer Service ($45 SCAA/RG $0 BGA $85 Non-Member)
CP190 BGA Level 1 Certification Test ($45 SCAA/RG $0 BGA $85 Non-Member)
CP391 BGA Examiner Training ($0 SCAA/RG/BGA $85 Non-Member)
GE103 Introduction to Cupping ($125 SCAA/RG/BGA $175 Non-Member)
GE255 Organic Acids & the Chemistry of Coffee ($90 SCAA/RG/BGA $195 Non-Member)
GE202 Comparative Cupping ($125 SCAA/RG/BGA $175 Non-Member)
RP202 Introduction to Craft Roasting ($125 SCAA/RG/BGA $175 Non-Member)

Click here for a detailed session schedule

John Gozbekian, Coffee Reserve (cupping courses)
Rocky Rhodes (roasting and sensory analysis courses)
Heather Perry, Klatch Coffee (BGA Level 1 Certification Test and Customer Service Class, BGA Examiner Training course)

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