Peace Coffee: A Coffee Story from Bean to Cup

Minneapolis based roasters Peace Coffee are embarking on a new venture. In an effort to unite the major facets, Peace Coffee is opening a new shop using quality grown, house roasted beans, and prepared by expert baristas.

In a recent article for the “Simple, Good, and Tasty” blog, writer Lee Zukor details how SCAA member Peace Coffee is venturing to bring together the arts of roasting and preparing a quality cup of coffee. Zukor talks about meeting with the CEO of Peace Coffee, Lee Wallace, and learning how the company is working to bring transparency to the coffee industry.

The company’s fair trade, organic, bike-delivered, coffee bean business has been a Minneapolis staple for years and they will soon open up their own coffee shop. This move marks an initiative to educate consumers about what it really takes to put a quality product in your coffee cup every morning. Zukor explains that “Peace Coffee is about more than just a great cup of coffee; the company wants [people] to know what fair trade means, why organic certification is important, and why the co-op model matters when it comes to farmers. Having a storefront will allow Peace Coffee to evangelize its mission every single day, in the most direct way possible.”

The goal here is transparency. Peace Coffee hopes to paint a picture of excellently grown, fairly traded, and well-prepared coffee. The company already exercises regular communication with their farmers and takes a very vested interest in the production and quality of their beans. By opening the storefront, they continue the chain of production control and create a new level of connection between barista and roaster. Maintaining a connection between themselves and all aspects of their coffee production is important for relaying both quality control and accountability to its customer base. Peace Coffee truly shows a genuine love and respect for the process of coffee making.

We applaud Peace Coffee for their efforts to create a mutually beneficial coffee making environment and upholding the standards and practices of quality coffee production.

Peace Coffee’s current delivery truck

Peace Coffee’s coffee shop opens this fall at 3262 Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis. Be sure not to miss out on what we’re sure will be an amazing coffee experience.