Good Food Awards Bring Recognition to Quality Coffee Producers

In an effort to recognize purveyors of authentic, responsibly produced and incredibly tasty coffee, Seedling Projects is introducing the inaugural Good Food Awards. Coffee producers are encouraged to enter up to two of their own unique blends for judging by a panel of coffee experts.

Seedling Projects has created an initiative to recognize people who produce the food and drink we all want to enjoy. The fruit of their efforts is the first ever Good Food Awards. Entrants will be judged in several fields including, beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, pickles, preserves, and of course, coffee.

In an effort to bring quality coffee to enthusiasts all across America, award organizers are inviting roasters nation-wide to submit their entries of up to two coffees for judging. A panel of distinguished coffee judges, including SCAA President Peter Guliano, SCAA Board Member Andi Trindle, and Chris Davidson, George Howell, and Jim Kelso, will select a winner during a blind taste test event. Awards will be distributed in five regions in order to ensure a fair sampling of coffees across the nation. Winners will be invited to receive an award at a ceremony with Alice Waters in the San Francisco Ferry Building, take part in a Good Food Awards Marketplace and receive local and national media coverage.

Entrance is open to all coffee producers who practice fair producing and transparency from seed-to-cup; striving for coffees that exhibit exemplary flavor and balance. Each roaster may submit up to two entries for consideration. Entries will be accepted until September 15, 2010.

The Good Food Awards have already been hailed by publications such as The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and This is a great chance for roasters to gain national attention and bring awareness to quality production practices in the coffee industry.

All entrants should register at by September 15. TBD entries are accepted if you are unsure which of your coffees you would like to submit. Samples of coffees will be requested in early October 2010 with winners to be selected after all entries have been received.

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