SCAA Skill-Building Course (Webinar) – Essentials of Customer Service

CP103 – Essentials of Customer Service is a lecture-based class that is required for BGA Level 1 Barista Certification. If you haven’t been able to make it to a SCAA Skill Building Workshop or our annual Exposition, this is a great opportunity to complete this course and be one step closer to achieving BGA Level 1 Certification. We strongly encourage attendees to come to the webinar prepared with questions as the webinar includes a 30-minute Q&A session immediately following the presentation.

BGA Member: $0
SCAA Member: $10
Non Member: $20

Presented by: Ric Rhinehart

Who should attend this course: Baristas (all experience levels), retailers, & multi-faceted coffee professionals.

Course Description: “Great food, lousy service”, the old saw goes. In reality, this is a description of a business doomed to fail. So what is great service, and how do we provide it to our customers? What specific customer service issues are most relevant to baristas and to the coffee industry? This one-hour session is dedicated to identifying, discussing, and equipping attendees with strategies for providing excellent customer service in the coffee industry.

Attendees can expect to complete the course with a improved skills in:

· How to develop a service oriented culture in the workplace
· Customer perspectives and how they should shape business interactions
· How to internalize service and solidify positive behavior patterns that elevate a customer’s experience

Invest in success by enrolling in this certification course today:


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