Yirgacheffe Malt – Australian Brewery Announces Coffee Malt

Australian brewery Matilda Bay has just announced the release of their limited edition seasonal lager, Long Shot, which is brewed using Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans.
The Shout website notes “The idea was born over a beer between Matilda Bay head brewer, Scott Vincent, and gourmet coffee roaster, Toby Smith, after comparing stories about roasting malt and coffee beans”.
microbrewing.com/au lists the following flavor profile for Long Shot: Dark brown/black with faint reddish highlights; creamy, beige foam. Aroma: espresso, caramel, dark chocolate and spice notes. Palate: chewy dark malt initially; luscious, sweet mid-palate with espresso/mocha notes emerging later; finishes dry and roasty with slight oily notes and good balance. Overall: serve at 10◦C to best appreciate the neatly-balanced coffee and dark malt characters.
What are your thoughts on the marriage of coffee and beer? Have you ever had a coffee lager before? How was it? Let us know in the comments section below: