Restaurants & Specialty: Thread from

I came across this thread at posted by Greg H which inspired quite a few responses from Coffeed members regarding quality espresso in restaurants:

Anyone out there pulling off a great espresso program in a high scale restaurant?

Say one that wants to give you no more than 36-48 inches of counter space?

Let’s also say that a GS3 is out of bounds and the goal is great shots on a budget–primarily because you don’t have 20 years to recoup your investment on the 20 drinks a night they sell.

Chefs want ease of execution, cleanliness, and consistency, (super-auto, pods,); roasters want quality taste and brand protection/recognition.

I’d love to read this community’s thoughts on this dilemma.

Best I can come up with is a decent one group with two mini e’s (or one mini e and a major e) and an intense training program for a passionate candidate/candidates.

Have you been to a restaurant that was truly passionate about their coffee program and serving exceptional coffee? Post them here in the comments section of this post if you have…