North East Cup Tasters Competition Winners Announced

Congratulations Matt Bolinder, North East Regional Cup Tasting Champion!

Matt had a perfect score choosing all 8 correct coffees in 11 minutes and 20 seconds.

Here are the final standings:
1. Matt Bolinder‐ Matt’s Wood Roasted Coffee: 8 correct in 11:20
2. Mike Jones‐ Brooklyn, NY: 6 correct in 7:01
3. Alex Payson‐ Blue State Coffee: 6 correct in 7:49
4. Michael Jackewich‐ Terroir Coffee: 5 correct in 8:36
5. Jenny Howell‐ Terroir Coffee: 5 correct in 8:50
6. Joe Motika‐ Brattleboro, VT: 5 correct in 9:08

Next up: The United States Cup Tasting Championship in April at the 2010 SCAA Event! Registration is now open for competitors…so if you think you have what it takes to go head to head (or cup to cup) with the above finalists REGISTER TODAY!