The SCAA Quarterly Sector Report now available

The SCAA is pleased to announce that the New Year has brought an exciting partnership for our annual publication, the SCAA Retailer Survey. We will now be offering this survey in quarterly installments, with an extensive overview published at the end of the year. This first quarterly report will cover October-December of 2009.

We have partnered with the Cleveland Research Company, and independent research firm specializing in proprietary channel research with a goal to identify trends and inflections that impact the financial performance and outlook across multiple companies and industries. This partnership will allow us to deliver more timely information and a consistent stream of reports to our members and other industry professionals. The analysis will be deeper and more specific, bringing you the essential data that you need to run a successful business in the specialty coffee industry. This survey is a useful tool for planning, providing a review of specialty coffee retailers’ operating performance, growth and trends. Operators can gauge how they’re doing versus other like businesses as well as identify potential areas for growth and make informed decisions on how to better manage their business. To purchase this survey please Click Here.