The Specialty Coffee Association of America Board Nomination Announcement

The SCAA Board of Directors has approved the following slate of nominees, selected by the nominating committee, for election to the board of directors. The election will be conducted March 8 – March 31, 2010.
Max Quirin for Second Vice President Producer Member (ECOAGRO)
NOTE: The Second Vice President will Become Vice President on May 1, 2011 and president of the board on May 1, 2012.
Al Liu for Director Importer Member (Atlas Coffee Importers)
Marty Curtis for Director Roaster Wholesaler Member (RoZark Hills Roasterie)
Paul Thornton for Director Roaster Wholesaler Member (Coffee Bean International, Inc.)
Willem Boot for Director Allied Member (Boot Coffee Consulting)
25 Signatures Due on February 5, 2010, for Petition candidates to be placed on ballot. Individuals who wish to be considered by the membership for election to the board, but who were not selected through the nominating committee process, may submit a signature petition to be placed on the ballot.
The SCAA Bylaws currently state:
Section 11: (d) Additional nominees may be proposed through a petition process. Should any member be proposed by petition, the petition must contain a minimum of twenty-five (25) signatures from eligible voting members. The petition shall be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the mailing of the ballots. All nominees qualified under the Bylaws and receiving the required number of signatures will be placed on the ballot. All candidates will be given equal access to promote their candidacy through membership mailings and by access to the membership lists.
In this current election year, PETITIONS ARE DUE TO SCAA HEADQUARTERS ON FEBRUARY 5, 2010. Also due on February 5, 2010 are biographies/statements and photos from all nominees, whether selected through petition or by the nominating committee. Photographs and statements from the candidates are optional, but all nominees are encouraged to submit a 500 word biographical and vision statement. Photos and statements will be printed in an online ballot book for members to review before voting. Please note that all 25 signatures submitted by petition candidates must be from current SCAA members in voting categories and only one signature per member company is allowed. Associate and individual members of SCAA are not voting members. Please contact Mansi Chokshi at SCAA, or (562) 624-4197, if you have any questions or need assistance with the petition process.