2010 SCAA Symposium Sessions-Announced on Website

Our 2010 Symposium Session line up is now being announced on our Symposium Website. Two session descriptions are included below. To read more, please visit www.scaasymposium.org.
Carbon and Coffee :: Carbon offsets, carbon sequestration, carbon neutrality—these days, carbon dioxide is a part of every conversation about the environment. As businesses, we might be legally obligated to account for and pay taxes on the carbon emitted through our use of energy within a few years. As citizens of the world, we are morally obligated to take responsibility for the impact of our activities on the environment right now. Coffee occupies a unique space in the carbon debate: on one side is the energy- and carbon-intensive process of transporting, roasting, packaging and preparing our product for consumption, and on the other is the global cultivation of a crop with more potential for forest conservation and carbon sequestration than any other crop. Imagine being able to purchase carbon credits and coffee from the same suppliers, thereby providing additional income for coffee growers, attaching tangible value to biodiversity and providing incentives for environmentally sustainable agriculture.This blueprint-building session will bring together various experts in the field along with coffee businesses who have actively partnered with their customers and suppliers to reduce their impact collectively, to sequester carbon and take a proactive approach to climate change. Moderated by Kim Elena Bullock, Sustainability and Producer Relations Manager at Counter Culture Coffee.
In Pursuit of Taste with Lex Alexander :: This session will bring us as close to a relaxed, stimulating dinner table conversation as possible in a conference setting. Lex Alexander is known to many in the specialty food industry as the “Food Guy”, a title he earned while working as an executive at Whole Foods after his original grocery store Wellspring was purchased by the chain. Combining taste and science with captivating stories, Lex will introduce us to small producer wines, their origin and background, and an unexpected look at what coffee can learn from these examples.