SCAA’s The Chronicle-get your subscription today

SCAA members have long enjoyed their subscription to our magazine The Chronicle as a membership benefit. But non-members have also expressed an interest in being able to access the in depth industry information as well…

While members will continue to recieve their free copy of The Chronicle, non-members will now be able to purchase issues in our online store either as a subscription or on a per-issue basis.

One Year (6 issues, 5 copies per issue) Group Subscription $129.99

One Year (6 issues) Individual Subscription $39.99

By Issue (Printed) $6.99

By Issue (Online) $2.99

The Chronicle would be an excellent addition to any coffee company as a magazine offered to its patrons, a learning tool for its employees and a reference for owners and managers. Visit our online store today to pick up your copy of our latest issue “Coffee and Social Media”.