How to create a Facebook page for your coffee business

I thought it might be helpful to post information on how to get started promoting your coffee business online. I know that many of our members are already well established in this area, but if you’re new to social media, it can seem pretty intimidating at first. So, my first post on using social media to promote your business will detail how to create a Facebook page.

Step 1: You’ve got to have a Facebook Profile

Since Facebook is boasting 300 million users, I’ll assume you probably already have a profile. But in case you don’t, this is the first step. A profile is for you, the person not for your business. To create a profile, go to and sign up.

Step 2: Creating your page

This is where many people get stuck. FB doesn’t make it very clear how to do this, so often times people give up out of frustration. Don’t worry-follow these steps, and you’ll be online in no time:

1. CLICK HERE to go to the create a new page option on FB.
2. Choose your category. Most likely, you will fall into the “Brand, Product or Organization” category. From there, use the drop down field to select the specific category your business falls into.
3. Name your page. Choose wisely! You cannot change this once you create your page.
4. Choose visibility options. Unless you are planning on waiting a while to customize your page, I would suggest not checking the box to keep your page hidden. It will make things easier as you go along.
Step 3: Customize your new page
This is the fun part! Although Facebook won’t let you fully customize your page the way Myspace or Twitter will, you can still upload images and information about your business.

1. Add your page’s profile image. This should be your logo or other identifying image. To do this, hover your mouse over the large (currently empty) square in upper left hand corner of the page. You will see a link that says “change picture”. Click on that and from there, Facebook will walk you through uploading your profile image.
2. Add your company information. Go to the “Info” tab towards the top of your page. Click on it, and then click again where is says edit information.
3. Upload photos of your products, locations, or whatever you want! Go to the “Photos” tab which you will find next to the “Info” tab. Choose “create a photo album”. From there, Facebook will walk you through the steps of uploading images.
4. Create your first wall post. To create your first post, just type into the field on the top of your page that says “what’s on your mind”. You can also click on the little icons below the field to attach a link, photo or other item to your post.
Step 4: Invite people to “fan” your page:
Now that you have created your Facebook page and customized it, you need to get the word out. Facebook makes it very easy to do this with the page suggestion feature. If you also just created your profile and don’t have any friends yet, you’ll have to start sending friend requests first. Or, you could ask your employees to fan the page, and then they can send out page suggestions to their friends. To send a page request, look for the “suggest to friends” link under your page’s profile picture in the upper left hand side of the screen. Once you click the link, Facebook will walk you through selecting friends to invite to your new page.
I hope that short tutorial helped any social media newbies out there! In future posts on using Facebook, I’ll be detailing how to do more advanced options such as:
  • Creating your own applications
  • Using existing applications to gather data or engage fans
  • Embedding your Facebook fan box to your blog or website