SCAA Members-Be on the lookout for your new Membership Cards!

Who gets one?

ALL Members- SCAA Member companies and their registered staff, Roasters Guild members and Barista Guild of America members.

What is different about these cards?
As the organization that is committed to provide professional success, it is only necessary we provide our members with a professional card. A card they are proud to carry around and show their affiliation to the largest group of coffee professionals in the world.

Why do you need it?

Since it was founded, SCAA has had member companies. Each employee of a member company automatically receives benefits, discounts and incentives. With our new technological improvements to the website and database, we will now be able to track education credits and event registration for individuals that belong to member companies or are members through our guilds. This creates the necessity of having a unique member number. Since the member number has changed for everyone, the membership card will be the best way to distribute this it.

When should you expect to receive your card?

Very soon! Members should receive their cards by the time registration for Expo opens in December. This will allow them to take advantage of early bird specials and register seamlessly with their new member number.