And the Winner is…..

Congratulations to Mike Marquard of Kaldi’s Coffee for taking first place at the recent Midwest Regional Barista Competition! Mike hails from the host shop, and has claimed his spot in the semi-finals round of the USBC which will be held at the 22nd Annual SCAA Exposition in April 2010.
The second through sixth place winners of the MWRBC are also offered a spot in the preliminary round of the USBC and they are:
(2) Robin Seitz- PT’s Coffee
(3) Morgan Smith- PT’s Coffee
(4) Joe Marrocco- Kaldi’s Coffee
(5) Micah Svejda- Kaldi’s Coffee
(6) Kasey Klimes- PT’s Coffee
Congratulations to everyone who placed! Stay tuned for the next RCB-the South Central Regional, which will take place in January 2010 in Austin Texas, and will be hosted by Cuvee Coffee.