Our recent trip to the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show

The SCAA exhibited at the recent Canadian Coffee and Tea Show held in Vancouver, BC on October 14-15, 2009. I recently had the chance to sit down and talk about the show with our staff members who attended, Mansi Chokshi Membership Manager, and Cindy Cohn Show Director.
TS: How was SCAA involved in the Coffee & Tea Show?
MC: Membership is growing in Canada (close to 5% of our SCAA membership resides in Canada). We were there promoting our resources, education, membership and our upcoming Expo in Anaheim, CA.

TS: How does the SCAA attending other shows positively affect our members?
MC: Attending the Canadian Coffee and Tea show proved to be successful because we were able to meet many of our members that are located in Canada or service the region. It’s great for SCAA to have face to face time with members and always a pleasure to get feedback and comments. It also provides SCAA an opportunity to update our members with new information, events and happenings. Many of the booth visitors had an opportunity to view our new website, talk to SCAA about their membership, upcoming events, get information regarding the Expo and find about other new services and resources.

TS: What was the overall vibe of the show?

MC: The vibe was positive and friendly. The members we spoke to were excited to see us in Canada and very welcoming. Canada’s Barista Championship was only a few booths down from us and it was exciting to watch their spirited audience and the intense competition (Congrats to their winner, Kyle Straw). We look forward to next year’s show, in Toronto.

TS: As our Show Director Cindy, what was your experience like at the Canadian Show?

CC: It was a great show for us to attend! I agree with Mansi that the vibe was great, we had a lot of interested visitors to our booth, and we were very well received when we went to other booths. Coffee is such a great common denominator that there’s little if any loss in translation when you leave the US…people are equally passionate, similarly focused on craft, and enthusiastic about the subject. Everyone we spoke to was very jazzed about the SCAA Expo being on the west coast in 2010 so I’m optimistic we’ll see our Canadian friends in Anaheim!