C is for Commodity, Crisis, and Cost – 25 Magazine: Issue 7

The SCA’s FARMER PROFITABILITY AND PROSPERITY WORKING GROUP, led here in writing by CHAD TREWICK, examines the possible impact persistently low coffee commodity market pricing will have on the specialty coffee supply chain in Issue 07 of 25 Magazine. Every item in that daily basket has increased in costs (including roasted/ground coffee) while the value...



Farm Profitability Q&A — Ashley Prentice

The Sustainability webinar series on Farm Profitability and Prosperity generated great discussion and many questions from viewers. This post is the second of four in which panelists from the second webinar, which took place September 25th, will answer your questions. You can watch a recording of webinar #2 here. Ashley Prentice is a 3rd generation coffee...



A Pivotal Moment: When Customer Demand Clashes with Core Values – 25 Magazine: Issue 7

JEN BUSFIELD and ERIC HENRY reflect on how these three core tenets guide their business, despite their seemingly conflicted natures. There is more to business than the “bottom line.” Our flagship brand, “Cotton of the Carolinas,” a T-shirt made using a local transparent supply chain, is a clear example of the three tenets that guide...