#43: Mentorship in Specialty Coffee: Students Become the Teachers | Panel Discussion | SCA Lectures 2018

One of the "special" things about specialty coffee is the connections that coffee people make with one another—beyond simply making deals, beyond simply hiring and firing, we are an industry of people who are drawn to share, learn, and grow with one another. Mentorship is one of the most powerful professional tools in that regard,...

Extraction Research

Flat vs. Cone: Basket Shape is as Important as Grind Size in Drip Brew Coffee – 25 Magazine, Issue 8

Postdoctoral fellow Dr. SCOTT FROST, Professor JEAN-XAVIER GUINARD, and Professor WILLIAM D. RISTENPART share early results of an ongoing research project in partnership with the SCA and Breville Corporation. Anybody who has shopped around lately for a drip coffee brewer will recognize that modern brewers typically come with a filter basket that is either “semi-conical”...




Why the Specialty Coffee Industry Should Strive for Inclusive Design – 25 Magazine, Issue 8

HOBY WEDLER and TREY MALONE explore a broader understanding and application of inclusive design practice and how it stands to benefit the specialty coffee industry. Like us, you probably think of something to do with international disability law or how we work to make technology more accessible to people with disabilities. The idea of “designing...